I"m Back

Hah! It's me again. I'm back.

After a very long hiatus and very creepy things happened, here I am!.  Do you miss me all? Where are all my reader. hohoho....

Okay since this is my new coming after a very long absence, I want to show you what I keen on right now.

It's Girls Generation!! 

Why do I like them? Okay here is the explanation:
1. They sing >> I love singing
2. They dance  >> I love dancing
3. They sing and dance >> I love both!!
4. They are unique  >> just like me :)
5. They are cute and sweet  >> ahahhaa.... Do you expect me to say, "just like me" eh? No. They inspire me to be cute and sweet. hahahhah
6. They are optimistic  >> They always inspire me through every movie and reality show I watch about them.
7. They always find something to cheer the other up.  >> I learn about friendship 
8. They are multitalented  >> Just like me... ahahahahhahah just kidding. But I like them so much.

Since they inspire me a lot, I started to watch and follow their activity. Hey, I'm not a stalker though. I just love to hear them having conversation. I even learn Korean language from them. Sort of... heheheh...

I will share many things later on. So keep in touch with me, will you?

See you on the next blog post...

Kisses and hugs,


Picture is taken from:
1. Wikipedia.com
2. http://gadgetynews.com

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