Effective ways to get feedback on your blog

Most of us have blog and love to write on it, but not all of us could attract people to visit our blog and leave some comments on it. What’s wrong with our blog? What’s wrong with us? Within this article I will review most of the things should be considered to drag people to come and give you feedback.

1.    Posting informational post
Writing is easy but writing with benefit needs more skill. This is what you have to do before you post something on your blog: you have to make sure that the information you wrote is useful for your reader.  There are many smart people out there and they are hungry for great information. When they find several informative posts on your blog, they will be your loyal reader and they will be thankful enough to post comments and feedback for you.

2.    Getting Mingle with your readers
You already write informative post on your blog. What do you have to do now? You have to get mingle with your readers.  There are so many sites which provides visitor’s tracker. You can make use of them. Visit your readers back and say thank you to them. You must appreciate your readers first to show them that they are important for you. Soon you will be surprised for what they will do for you on your blog.
3.    Commenting on their blogs
Wise people said that to gain something, you should give something. This rule happens to be the same in the blogosphere. To gain more feedback from your readers, you should give more feedback to them too. Try to visit their site once or twice per week and give comments on their post. Find something interesting on their post and give your honest review or opinion for it. They will really appreciate your review and they will do the same to you.

4.    Decorating your blog
Make an aye catching layout and design for your blog. People will easily be attracted by great and smart color representing your blog. You must know what the category of your blog is and then create a suitable design and layout for it. The blog with user friendly layout will help people to read more and drag others to visit it too.

5.    Building your writing momentum
Some people write when they want it while the others write because they have to. If you really want to build your own community who always read and keep in touch with your updated post, you should build your momentum. It will help your readers to know when you will publish a new post. They will be able to give feedback as well.

Those are several things you need to do to get feedback on your blog. Pay a very good attention to the readers and they will do the same to you too. Have a good try and enjoy the result.



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  1. and you can post at facebook that you have a new entry at your blog and so perhaps your friends will click on the link ;-)

  2. oh and now I will go and write a new entry for my blog :-D

  3. what a great post! And I only have done the first point. So still have a lot of things to do lol.

    Beside, not sure if all my posts is informational. :(

    You really live up your reputation as a writer.

    *Fyi, I know this blog from your Linkedin profile.


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