Circle of Maturity

I have been through these tough weeks in my life. It’s not only about family but also about my job. I met many difficult people in my job. Them, who scold me with no respect and treat me badly, have been being my accompany last weeks. I cried and disappointed. It stole my joy and happiness. Bitter-and no sweet- life have been going all these weeks.

I really am thankful to God since He really is faithful and been so good to me. He never leaves me in my ups and down. God really bless me so much that I really could overcome it one by one.

First, I dealt with my parents. It seemed that they expect more time for them. I know that I have been working around the country for a half year. I traveled and wasn’t at home for a long period. That made them feels abandoned and forgotten. I already made quality time with them and explained that I never forgot them. I love them and will not forget them.

I proved it by staying at home as much as I can. I do hang out sometime but I always spare my time to be at home and accompany them just to watch the TV or have conversation about many things. I scheduled my dating and my staying. So far, they can accept it and I am thankful for it. Mission one done!

The second problem would be my job. My colleague was very difficult. In terms of it, they scolded, pushed and claimed so many things yet they didn’t help us at all. In some time, I was really tired and wanted to let all go. I must confess that in a glance, I wanted to resign.

Yet I still survive. Why? It’s because I have supporting friends around me. My parents, my partners in my department and Mr. Bie helped me to grow up and face everything with maturity. Finally, I get my joy and happiness back. I am so grateful.

This morning devotion really touch my heart. It is told that there are 3 things which show our spiritual maturity:
1. Gratitude
2. Joy
3. God’s Centered

When we are grateful for everything in our life, we will have joy. When we have joy, we become God’s centered. When we become God’s centered, God will add more blessing and we will be grateful and gain more joy. This is like a circle that works continually.

This message really brings joy to my life. I plan to buy a note book and write down things that make me grateful for it. I did it before several years ago but I didn’t continue doing it. Now, I want a new life and I want to start it over again. I also encourage all of you to do it too then we will grow up in Him together as a sisters and brothers..

It looks so difficult? Try it with :

Much love,

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  1. who's your department member? seem like a bunch of nice person(s).. good luck with everything! just keep smiling :)

  2. Thank you, Thirza.

    PS: I use fortune teller to track you down. lol.

  3. Bless your heart, sorry things have been upsetting you lately. I like your joyful attitude. You are in my heart, and my prayers. I love you.

  4. totally agree with those written in purple.

    wow, you have fortune teller to track visitor ? what a fortune girl


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