So Stressful

I never know that preparing for the wedding is so complicated yet absorbing all of our emotions and energy and money too. We've been facing many obstacles and solved it one by one. The problem now comes from uniting both family to create one agreement about the budget, venue, etc.

Remembering the fact that I have an "almost get married but it failed" situation, I kind of having a trauma. I am afraid that I will be failed again.

Mr Bie, his family and I have been wandering to find the best vendor for us. We've decided the venue and the bridal and the photographer which are best suitable for us.

Both family will be meeting on February. Considering the fact that my dad is so serious and tough and we are in a very tight budget, I am really scared that they will have a hard argument. God please help.

I believe that everything can be solved by a good communication and a pure heart. The question is, do we all have it? Do my family and I have it? Do Mr. Bie's family and him have it?

I love both family. Please pray for us and our family.

Especially..... for our wedding....

Tips and suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you.


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  1. Keeping you in my prayers, love you.

  2. We will pray for you... Same to me...But Am more difficult..Hopefully miracle will come to both of us and wedding of this year will very wonderful... Amen...

  3. Hi there,

    I wish you all the success with plan.

    I would suggest you to go on with a minimalistic plan. What's more important is the marriage life after the wedding, not the wedding itself.

    Let them who have money hold the wedding with the glamor and luxury. Don't let what we don't have to steal the joy needed for the wedding.



  4. preparing for a wedding could really be stressful. this will definitely test your patience. pray for strength and wisdom. anyway, when do you plan to tie the knot? i remember preparing for my wedding years back. i got so stressed to the point of wanting to cancel the wedding all together. but thank God He saw us through it.

    take it easy. one step at a time. you can do this.

  5. Blessings dear Ika... Sending a prayer for you to relax and let God be in control also with a yellow rose. :0)

    Sorry, it has taken me so long to return your visit but I'm without a working computer and have to go to public cybers. You are welcome any Fri. to choose as many verses of God's Promises as you'd like (you asked me that in 1/20 post). The ones you chose were good for you so I came looking for a post about your upcoming wedding plans, to see how you are doing and when it is suppose to take place. I'm sure it all seems to be happening so fast and now this big meeting between the families to decide... I pray for your families to have good friendly communication and patient
    open hearts. Ask for God's wisdom for both families. Sending God's peace to reign over you and them.

    I believe that the verse I chose last week for Faith Focus and God's promise was meant for you. May God strength you and bust the stress so you can enjoy this time and the moment of your big day!

    Not sure when I can visit again but thanks for your visits. Have a blessed weekend!


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