Before My 27th Birtday on May

This is the list of what I want to achieve or do before my 27th birthday on May:

1.Sell 15 books

2. Make 2 cross stitches

3. Create 10 ladies accessories

4. Create 5 hand made felt craft

5. Read 20 books

6. Cook 25 new recipes

7. Bake 25 new cakes

8. Have $100 on my bank account

9. Finish 25% of wedding preparation

10 Finish 75% novel

11 Have 1 flower on my patio

12 Already watch "Ghost Whisperer" Season 3

13 Already watch "Royal Pain" Season 3

14 Make 8 Helium Articles

15 Make 1 patchwork

16 finish 50% of my cookbook

People says that you have to remember your goal every day because it will help you accomplish 75% of it. This is why I share this to you so that you can also help me to remind myself.

Thank you for reading my lists.

Have a great day!

I love you all!


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  1. Hope you are able to finish your whole list my friend, love you.

  2. Wahh..banyak juga wish list ko..I hope you can achieve it.. Good Luck..

  3. Hi there, pretty Ika Devita! Just curious about your wish list no. 9. Are you preparing for your wedding? Am excited to know my dear!

    Thank you for always dropping by Ms. beautiful! Hope to see you again and take care!

  4. please visit my blog, I wrote about you on my circle of friends post. I love you.


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