Various Christmas Decoration

I work as an admission in one of private universities in this city. The university is inside the mall. So I visit this mall everyday. Out of my weird December, I want to share to you the decorations of this mall and the parking lot in Christmas Day.

I took this picture in the afternoon. The weather was not really hot so I took a step closer to the tree.

So, this is the tree when the night came to our scene. Sorry about the blurry picture. I used my camera phone so it didn't work well on the picture.

Realizing the quality of my previous picture, I came closer again to the forbidden area. I guess the guard saw me but he didn't know how to forbid me. So, since he was standing there watching on the visitors, I sneaked out to the display and took the pictures from all sides as fast as possible.

There were seven dwarfs as I remember, along with their pose. I don't really remember each name of them so you probably could help me with their name. If I a not mistaken, those two dwarfs above are Grumpy and Happy. The picture below is Bashful. (forgive me if there are many mistakes on these names, I really can't remember their name. They are all look similar to me.)

Ahh.... the deers. There were two deers between them. Those deers also part of the circle they made around the tree. I am trying to make distraction so you will not force me to tell you their name, can you see that?

I think the picture above is Sneezy. Don't you think so? And the picture below is Grumpy. lol.

And this picture below is mushroooms! lol..

Suddenly Mr. Bie picked me up so I shortly went to my desk and took my bag. Time to go home. But I still got the picture from the street on the way home.

Whooppsss..... sorry for the quality. I told you I used my camera phone. :)

See you on my next adventure!


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  1. So pretty. I love Christmas decorations.

  2. I loved the decorations! I don't think I could name all seven dwarfs either! =]

    So glad you joined us today! (In two days I'll post our plans for next week.) Hope to see you again!

  3. Though blurry but great shots. I like the way the tree is decorated so huge with all glittering lights...dwarfs...deers etc..around. It really looks amazing

  4. Thanks for sharing these wonderful and fun pictures!
    I'm happy you've joined us and look forward to visiting your blog often. Happy New Year!


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