"Tell Me about Yourself" Award

Wow, I got an award from my sister, Denise, it’s called “Tell Me about Yourself” Award. I am so excited.

So here are the rules:
(1) Thank the person, who gave you the award,
(2) Reveal seven things about yourself, and
(3) Pass the award on to 5 other bloggers. Leave a comment on each blog, telling them that you’ve nominated them for this award.

Ok. Here we go. Thank you sister Denise for giving me this award (I will visit your blog and leave you my comment, of course :) ) Your posts – indirectly - always encourage me and I am thankful to have you as my online sister. Now it’s time to reveal myself.

Seven things about me:
1.I love books so much. I can’t stay at the department store to buy clothes, bags or shoes for an hour, but I can spend hours at the book store just to read and search books to be bought. I do this since I was a kid. I don’t know how my mom teaches me. Lol.

2.I love chips. I can only crave for it all day long without even have my breakfast, lunch or dinner. I know it’s not healthy, but sometimes I use many excuses just to consume it everyday. Bad habit, I know.

3.I once engaged but I didn’t make it to the wedding day, because both of us were not ready for it. We are now having our own live and we are thankful for it because we believe that we have our lesson and every lesson is precious.

4.I hate to be disturbed. I know, it’s kind of bad habit and I am trying to overcome my bad character day by day. I hope there is a progress.

5.I love dancing. I dance in one non profit organization just for fun. I enjoy every sweat and tired body because I love it. The routine also help me to maintain my body shape. Lol.

6.I can’t cheat. Don’t ask why, I just can’t.

7.I miss blogging so much that I can’t leave my computer just to have my dinner. I love my blogger friends, sisters and brothers. I can spend a whole day just to read their blogs! Can I say that I am obsessed?

Okay, there are seven things about me, now it’s your turn. I want to give the award to:
1. Jenny for sharing and cherish every moment with me
2. Ce Jessie for her real absurd and unique thought :p
3. Amy Bayliss for all creative ideas I love
4. Kim for making my mouth's watering every time I read her posts
5. Korean Cuisine which really makes me love Korean cuisine



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  1. Yahh... aku ga di-tag... ;P

  2. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I'm glad that I can tantalize your taste buds from time to time! LOL!

  3. @ ce JC: leh, takkira wes ga aktif ce.

    @ Kim: Yup, and the last apple crisp really seduce me. lol...

  4. Awe!!! You are just too sweet. Thank you so much!

  5. Huahahahaha..emang sih... baru2 ini aja aktip lagiii... lha squezze waktu utk nulis itu lho yang ajubileh susahnya... huehehehehehe...
    Kamu juga kayaknya baru aktip kan? :D

  6. iya ce, aku juga rempong nih..... wkwkkwkwkkwkwkwk

  7. Hi Ika...thak you so much for giving me this award. I am so proud to know you and to know that I am so important for you! I hope you will not be angry with me, but since Dad has died I have not blogged again and for the rest of the year I will not do it. I will make a new start with my blog (perhaps even at wordpress) from January. I will keep in my mind that I have got this award from you and will make my entry next year. Okay?


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