Stitching and Baking

I has just bake "Mini Peach Bites". Actually the real recipe is using brie as the filling, but since I couldn't find brie on the market, I used cheddar cheese. I change apricot with Peach Melba. It tastes so delicious.

Here are the pictures:

It looks delicious. I am craving it. I made about 60 mini cups and wrapped about 15 mini cups for Mr. Bie. Soon after baking that fabulous little bites (lol), I stitched. Yup! Here is the progress. It's a little progress, I know. But at least the baby has her hair outline.

Now, I have this stiff neck and I want to watch my favorite serial movie, "Ghost Whisperer".

I have been watching this movie since the last time I went to Makassar for my roadshow. My curiosity and my detective instinct work here. lol.

Life is good.

Have a blessed day!


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