Haunted by haunted Mansion

Scary movie is probably the shocking movie which combines horrors and comedy. Well of course it is not real because even the actor and actress are very funny. Here is one thing, that when a horror is combined with comedy, people will love it. Then what happen when Walt Disney make a haunted mansion as one of the attraction in Disney world? Will it be spooky? Will it be dreadful? Or, will it be funny?

Well, let me answer the entire question one by one. So, Walt Disney actually combined all of those into one haunted mansion in magic kingdom. When you start the journey, you will feel like there is nothing wrong with it. You just go through and go through and go through... Sooner or later, whether you realize it or not, the path becomes quite dreadful. In this place there is a point called dreadful point. Here you will feel that you do not regret to buy the ticket because you will feel like you are in the graveyard in the middle of the night alone without anybody else around you. The situation is very dreadful and you will be afraid. Remember not to neglect your children here as they will also be afraid. You do not have to worry, the ghost will not touch you, they just do their job, to make you scare and shock. So when you buy haunted mansion tickets, you will feel the sensation of being dreadful.

This mansion has been visited many times now and it will still be in the next period. The haunted mansion attractions will still be upgraded so that the visitor will not be bored by the same attraction. If you think that you are brave enough to go there, why don’t you prove it and go to Disney haunted mansion?


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