Big Thunder Mountain in Disney World

Big Thunder Mountain in magic kingdom is probably the most exaggerating entertainment in Disney World. In that place, children are meeting and greeting each other and preparing to scream as loud as they could. It is not because of the chaos. It is not because of the problem in field. It is simply because they are enjoying their game. Magic Kingdom attractions are one of the thriller games in Disney world. You will enter a new land where you will ride a wild vehicle. This vehicle named roller coaster. Roller coaster is a cart which is chained each other. It will move by the power of machine and it has its own rail. When you buy big thunder mountain tickets you will be able to see your environment in many views. Sometimes, you will see it upside down but sometimes you will see it normally. You must not stop joining the journey while the roller coaster is in progress. You may not give up until one set is done here in Disney big thunder mountain.

Another thing which is interesting in Magic Kingdom you buy big thunder mountain tickets you will involved in the journey of searching the gold. Children could be very enthusiastic playing this attraction because they might have not been there before. Caution, when your children have an asthma or heart attack, they should not join the fun because it might occur when the game is playing. Parents should take care carefully for their children to make sure that they are safe. Here in Disney Magic Kingdom you will see many views outdoor and indoor which you will not expect. So let’s expect the unexpected in big thunder mountain in Disney World!


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  2. So much fun and enjoy with family in Disney is really an great thing!!
    Nice blog i like it!!

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