Happy New year!!

Whew.... finally, after 60 minutes long – the internet connection is as slow as the camel walk – I can type here.

I have so many things to share this time. Ok, without further ado, let us start it!

- I have already visited my hometown!!!! It was awesome!!! I thank to my fiancee... He always knows how to make me happy. Lol.

- I met my gorgeous mom and dad and my brother and I am really happy!!!!!!!

- I have my laptop!! Yes Jenny, dreams come true. Lol. This would mean I can visit your blog and update my blog too. Even it takes time – I have problem with the connection here – but I will try to do it. Lol. Viva!!

- I can do bloghopping. I miss Laura from “Women taking a stand” , I miss Denise from “Free to be me” and “Shortybear’s Place”, I miss Kelly from “Fruit of the womb”, I miss 160 acrewood, I miss Laura’s kitchen..lol, I miss Beth from “Mom’s Miracle” ..Oh I really miss almost more than 200 blogs I regularly visited when I was in my hometown. I miss you all!!!!!

- Let’s pray that they will do something with the connection here. Lol.

- I spend my first day in 2010 sleeping and eating. Well, I stayed up all night will all sisters and brothers in Christ and we praise and pray all night long. So, I was really tired. What a shame!

What?!?!?!? It is almost midnight?!?! I have to go to bed. I have job to do tomorrow. See you soon!!

Hugs and kisses,

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  1. Ah!!!!! What a great news to know that you will be back in the world of blogging! LOL I have missed your blogging and comments at mine a lot. You have been the one who made me being a blogger during the last year. Look up I have written 228 entries in 2009! And in 2008 it was "only" 111. LOL
    It is a shame that I just realized now that you have written this entry (two hours later)!
    Looking forward to hear and read from you here soon! Guess, one day I will switch on my computer and there will be tons of emails telling me that you have commented! ;-)HUGS!

  2. Hello Tante Icha,

    Happy New Year!! I miss you too.

    Hugs from me and Ibu

    Little Mermaid

  3. Hello Devita, happy new year and all the very best of 2010.
    You stay young, stay beautiful and keep a song in your heart and have a great new year, Lee.


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