New Domain Name

I have told you about my plan to change the design for my blog, “Paint your Life”. I am thinking to make is still three column because I think I can put pictures on the sidebar and also many gadget there. If I have three column, I will be able to put the post in the middle, just like what I do here and then I can put the picture or the channel in the left and right bar. I probably could put some advertisements there. Lol. Now I am thinking to make a new domain for my blog too. Remember that I use blogspot here. I might be able to change it into another name. My name may be.

Actually this idea comes up when I read this article. I tells you about how to choose the best name for your domain. By the way, if we make the great domain name, our site will be famous. For example, “Yahoo” and “Google”. Many people know them. Should I make “Peek A Boo”?. It is famous anyway. Or should I make “Tadaa!”? It is easy to remember and it is also cute.

PS: I have checked it in Google. Peek a boo and Tadaa is already used. Lol. I guess I have to find another name.


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