I dream every night. All of my close friend know that I always have something to be dreamed of. Sometimes when I do not think about it, I dream about it. Let say when I do not think about my first love, I suddenly dream about him. Actually, I never think about him. I never ever think about him anymore, but why does he visit me on my dream? Is it because he misses me? lol.

Anyway, last night I have another dream, which somehow is weird. So, I met nie. Nie is one of my online buddy. She has a sister named Eta. We often have a talk. I love them both. But my dream last night was totally made me tired. Why? because it is about running away.

So the story begin with Nie who suddenly come to my house and she looks really beautiful. She has changed her style into a sensual sexy lady. So I said, "Wow!! You look so sexy!". Then somebody came and, he said that he is her boyfriend. While I still wondering who is this guy, my mom called me and I suddenly runaway from her. I know I did nothing. I know I am not guilty but why I runaway? That's my question.

Suddenly my brother showed up and he talked to me. It is a serious matter. then I runaway from him. ?!?!?!?! What happen.? When I was running away, I suddenly woke up. Thank God! WHat a dream.

I miss you Nie and eta, I miss you too, my brother!!


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  1. Perhaps you dreamt this because you are missing them and your moving to another town is for your mind like a runaway

  2. Praying for you sweet friend.


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