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Good morning everybody. May this day brings many of you happiness and joy. Now what are we going to do? I actually plan to change my template but I still love this template. This idea came when suddenly my background of this blog appear messy. Some of you might have recognize it. Last week this three column was still okay but the background color disappeared and changed into the shows of several words which suggest me to upgrade my photo hosting. I was really confused. But thank God it has returned into the previous template.

So, actually, if we could design our own website, it will be a great idea to design it by our self. Why? Because we can change it into what we want and we also will not have the same design with other. It build uniqueness. As I read from this article, background slide is one of the first thing to be included in creating a website. Anyway, let us see my background. I am sure that there is someone else use this background because I get it free. Lol. If I can create it by my own, I can put my picture or something so I will claim it as my own background. Flash design is also famous nowadays. I have found several sites using this flash in their header. I actually have ever learned about creating a flash header but I forget it since I learned it at my third semester.

Well, I might have to learn how to create that flash header first to make my own design. Soon after I become an amateur designer, I will change this blog's template. Lol. Wish me luck!


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  1. We wait for your creation, Cha. Wish you luck! ;-)

  2. Web design/programming was interesting me, too, since I am using the internet and I also learned some HTML. I have a friend in the USA who is a programmer and he teached me a bit and I got some books about it. But I never learnt enough to build a whole site. This way I have chosen a template from another site for my blog site. (You will find the link at my site on the buttom). They have got more than 160 templates and I think also lot of people know it it still is not used by too many people in all the same way. I think the blogger templates are used more the same by many people. And I also changed the template a little bit by changing the colours and a little bit HTML using in the side bars. By the way I love the blog like yours is with the side bars on left and right and I searched for a template like this. :-)


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