Jesus said, "Do not hold on to me,
for I have not yet returned to the Father.
Go instead to my brothers and tell them,
'I am returning to my Father and your Father,
to my God and your God.' "
John 20:17 (NIV)

What does it mean that you are able to call God your Father?
I used to be sceptical about this. Yes, I am going to church. Yes, I am reading daily devotional. Yes, I believe that He is always beside me. Yes, I believe that He is watching me. Yes, I know that He is my Heavenly Father. No, I sometimes do not think that He is my father. Until I met my fiance.

I used to pray like a poet. I created beautiful words so that my prayer would be wonderful. I closed my eyes and pretended that I am a good prayer. I acted like I have a very close and personal relationship with Him. In fact, I am not!

So, one day I had an intimate conversation with my fiance. He told me his story about how God is really become his father. I listened to his story. I believed to everything he said about his experience with God. I just do not believe that I also have the rights to do the same as him. Why? because I think that my attitude and my heart is not as pure as him. I am wrong.

God is our father and He really is. I am now telling myself again and again. I remind myself everyday that He is my father. I do not have to create a beautiful phrase to talk to Him. When I am tired, I do not have to say, "Fill me Lord and blessed me abundantly to make me stronger". I'd rather say, "God, I am tired". I think He will understand.

When I am able to call God as my father, I should not hide anything from Him. I should not build a wall between us to defend myself. I should not be ashamed to ask Him for something I need. I should not be ashamed to praise Him in front of many people. I should not be scared to give appreciate to Him and thank Him for everything He has done for me. I should not do such thing. Why? Because there is nothing to hide between father and His children.

I always tell many things to my dad. My dad always remind me to pray, to talk to God. My dad always tell me that I do not have to pray in my room privately. I could also pray when I am walking, reading, talking, etc. Sometimes I do it but sometimes I do not. I wish I listened to my dad.

Now, as I know that He is my father. I am not afraid of Him anymore. I respect Him but I also share to Him. I share when I am happy. I share when I cry. I share when I am mad. The wall between us had gone and I am happy for it.


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  1. Thanks for sharing today... You are right about the fact that we should share everything with God...He already knows it... But it helps to build our relationship with Him.


  2. God loves you so very, very much.


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