TSF Pricing

Hi all! I have just found the site of a Microsoft team Foundation Server which can be familiar as Microsoft TFS. You could manage your own Visual project here by the support of Team Foundation Server hosting. They provide software which is a service industry. It is becoming famous nowadays when people use software. I once ever seen and tried the software which could create a website, but since I do not have my own domain, I did not continue it.

So, with this Team Foundation Server pricing , I think all of us could make it. They have their own vocabulary to describe about them. It is SAAS, software as a service. Why SAAS? The reason is very simple. It is because it needs no money, which means you do not have to hire an IT to make it for you, it needs no straight time, which means you own your time, and it needs no space, which mean, you could use it anytime anywhere. Interesting, isn’t it?

The Team Foundation Server price will make sure that all this things work. And the best thing of all is, there is 30 days money guarantee. So, nothing to lose I guess. Not much money to invest, yet you could claim the guarantee if this is not satisfied you. Dare to try?


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