Thankful Thursday - Family and Ability

I am thankful for my family, my father, my mother, and my brother. I can share love, madness, laughter and tears with them. I can share my feelings and my burden with them. They love me and they care for me more than anybody else. They never expect anything from me but always pray for me. I am so very happy that I was born in this family. This is the best family ever!

I am thankful for Mr. Sexy who always love me everyday every time, even though I often mad at him and disappoint him. He is a good guy.

I am thankful that I can read. Really! I can not imagine what I can do if I can not read. I would not write in this blog. I would not know many things as much as I do now. I also hope that people in this world who still can not read will have the same opportunity to be able to read just like me. I am thankful for this ability to read.

I am thankful that I can hear. I can listen to the music and listen to my mom’s voice. When she mad at me, I know that she cares for me. I am thankful that through this ear, many things have happened in my life. Without this ear which listening, I would not be able to talk to Mr. Sexy.

I am thankful that even I do not have that much of money, but I can cheer my family up with the money available. I know that god provides and I will lean on Him. I will learn to trust Him and have a deeper faith in Him. He will take care of my family and He will provide enough food and money for them. Sometimes money is the hardest thing for me to trust. When it comes to money, I always worry and I always forget that He is more than everything and He could provide what we need. Right now, I am thankful that He provides all we need. He still keeps us safe and He gives us strength to go through our entire problem. He is great!


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  1. Families are true heart blessings sweetie, bless you.

  2. Aren't families the best? I loved your post! Happy Thankful Thursday.

  3. What a wonderful post. You made it.

    Happy TT

  4. Money is not everything, but it helps with everything. Happy TT June


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