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Hi! Do you have your own company? Do you plan to make a newsletter for your member of your company? Well, there is a service which provides this thing. Its name is iContact. It is known as the best option for anyone who wants to send email newsletters. Why? It is because they have email newsletter tool, great inbox deliver ability, lots of templates and include surveying, auto responder, and blogging capability. Hmm..How does it sound? Does it sound great? It starts at $9.95 per month!

It makes me remember one of my friends who have this auto responder service. When I send him something, there is always an email replied to me telling me that they have received my email and will reply me as soon as possible. I was shock at the first place but then I realize that it was an auto responder from email marketing service. It might be so ordinary for you but for me, it is cool! It is one of many great ways to responds to other. Am I right? One day when I have my own site, I want to use newsletter software so that people could keep in touch with my and my company.


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  1. Well, you can also use opensource software. This is free and offers many many tools, too. I think that opensource will have a big future.
    PS: No, I do not plan to have my own company


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