Mom's cooking and bad planner girl

Potatoes and minced beefs. Yes! My mom made a combination of it this morning and she also made chips. I was coughing when she pout those ingredients in the pan, but it smells good. I wonder when I can feel this again if I move. hikzz..

So, actually I planned today to go to the college to get information about the graduation day. But since I feel that I don't want to go, I want to canceled the plan. OOppss.. bad girl. Nope! Actually, the weather is really bad. Sometimes storms happens and the wind blows so hard until the trees get theirs 135 degrees elevation. Can you imagine it? So, here I am typing in front of my computer with no guilty feeling at all. DOH!

I also want to go to the wedding boutique. NO! I am not going to get married this year. I just want to rent clothes for my graduation day. Lol. I found one actually at the wedding expo. Their name is "The house of Diego" They said that they always help graduated students to get their suit. I don't know it for sure but I can give it a try. They have my style actually. lol.

So, here I am a bad planner girl ( I promise you, this only happen this month) sitting in front of the computer and hungry for food. Anybody wants to send me food? Lol. Nah! Just kidding.

ave a great day everyone!!


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  1. You are so lucky to have a mom who can cook. My mother can't cook and she always have take away or we go out for meal.


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