It Started from That Mall

I was hanging out with my brother’s friends yesterday – of course with my brother too, lol – and we went to the biggest mall. I said that this is biggest because they have a huge parking area and also two combined mall. Can you imagine it? Then we use stair lift to go upstairs and downstairs. Suddenly my brother said, “Well, there is other mall which has the modern stair lift ever” Then I asked him, “Where? Why do you call it modern stair lift ever?” Then he answered, “Yes, because they will only work when there is someone at the lift. If there is no one there, the lift will stop moving”. Hmm.. sounds cool. Then I decide to think what if I have such thing at home. What if I have, for instance home elevators? It would be cool, right? And I am sure that you will visit me so often to try it. Lol. I am just joking.

Considering that this topic will be great, I am searching for the picture of home elevators. Here it is. It is small, yes. I am really sorry, I can’t find bigger picture. This is the best I can get.

Not bad, isn’t it? If you think that you have a huge home and the elders will be tired walking – or climbing – upstairs, you should consider having this. It just came up on my mind that huge home must have some interesting electronic stuffs. Hey, did I just say “elders”? Well, if I can suggest you, elders should have this wheelchair lifts. Haha.. You must be curious why I become so smart talking about all this electronic things.

I was just thinking that if my grand mother still alive, it would be good if she could use wheelchair lifts. I had no clue about this before. She used to ask someone’s help to walk and it really breaks my heart how she couldn’t use stair lifts. If there is any wheelchair lifts available, it would be helpful for her. Unfortunately she is not here among us anymore, so I can’t show her this electronic thing.

Ah! I almost forget to tell you. A company named Silvercross provide this all, since I got this information from them. I browse and I get one stop lifts service. Lol. I like this terms. They sell many kinds of lifts. Just like what I mentioned above, there is home elevators, wheelchair lifts and also electric scooters. What?! Yes, I know the latest one is not similar to “lifts” at all, but the point is, it helps. Did you get that? It helps people to move. And just like before (you know that I don’t like expensive stuffs) they have the service which make sure that you could buy those stuffs at affordable price. How’s that? Interested anyone?


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  1. tapi kalo ga ada tangga bisa tambah ndut hahahaha


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