I Love Sushi

I like sushi. Umm, I like it a lot. Mr. Sexy knows that I really love to eat sushi. When eating sushi, I do not like the raw one. I like the cooked meat and also the crispy one. There are a lot of sushi here. I can find it at the mall or a sushi stand. Many brands are also exist from the average to the highest price. Some of the restaurant offer sushi as one of their appetiser. Some of them offer sushi as a main dishes, for example, Japanese restaurant mission vuejo. If I want to buy sushi, I will go to the restaurant which offer sushi as main dishes, because I can choose the sushi I want with many choices.

Sushi Orange County is one of the sites I like about sushi. Even though, they are not here in my country, but the pictures of sushi make my mouth watering. Mr. Sexy wants to treat me sushi. He knows that I like Japanese foods. Next time he visit me, I would like to ask him to treat me sushi just like which offered in Japanese Food Orange County.


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  1. i don't like sushi, Cha. sushi? hoek hoek.
    wakaka :D

  2. hmm... cooked sushi is delicious. It is not a raw meat. I think you should try it nie:D


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