Short Announcement

It ios raining again here... yay!!! you know why I am happy? I am happy because It is summer here lately. It is about one year summer (can you imagine it?) and we really need rain. So, here it is. thank you lord!

Wait.. My mother and my father is not at home. They are going to the mall. They want to buy a new shoes for my mother because tomorrow they will attend a wedding party here. oh no! i hope that they are okay there. I hope that they could find what they are looking for and everything will be okay.

Oh, and may I ask you a favor please? Mr Sexy's mother and grand mother are not healthy today (I do not want to call it as "sick" because "sick" seems to scary for me) so I would ask for your generousity to pray for them. I hope they could get well soon and everything will be back to the way it is.

Thank you all! Have a delighted day!


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