My Diet Progress, and a Little Sharing

This is the third day since I decided to have a healthy diet. The first day, I really struggle and I only drink nutritious drink in the morning which taste like chococino. Then in the afternoon, I drink mango juice because I couldn’t resist that I feel guilty for eating samosa before I go shopping with my dad. For a dinner, I did drink nutritious drink again and then the nighmare was coming.

It was a fellowship night that moment. Everybody was praising and worshipping the Lord. Wait, this is not the main problem, the real nightmare was, my mom made many cakes for the servings. Oh no! I ruined my whole day controlling my apetite. I drank 2 portion of soybean milk and I ate 2 or 3 samosa and also 2 slices of canary cakes and ... Oh no, I wonder when it will stop.. about 3 pieces of roti kukus. It was all homemade and was made by my mom, who is very smart using her hand and all of her creation are great! I failed. Lol.

Then the second day, I did not drink that fabulous nutritious drink again. I ate the leftover samosa in the morning and also in the afternoon. My mom made many samosas. And I also eat canary cakes and roti kukus. Well, in the night, I was happy because I know that I will have a dancing excercise so I will burn fat more. Kay, I drank a body shape from weight reduction program and I went excercising. Unfortunately, there was a huge amount of rujak provided by them. I thought, “okay, this is just a fruit.. I mean, a huge portion of fruits, but fruit is good for our body and it will not harm my program” I defence myself. And the in the middle of fruit absorbing, they give me a small amount of fried rice, and martabak. I thought, “Oh no! This is not good”. Then I just rejected it glamorously – can you imagine it? – and they kept insisting me. Finally I ate that wonderful high carbs food and I swear I could feel them swimming happily between my intestines, smiling around my colon, and tickling my stomach. They won. Gosh! I felt guilty.

So today, I read health tips and pay really attention on it. I hope that today, I will listen to my mind mopre than my heart and my stomach, of course. Anyway, I am really thankful because God has provided food and meals abundantly for me and my family. God, you are the best!


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  1. You know they say that when you go on a diet that the third day is always the hardest! Well I certainly have been where you are. But I am grateful that God has blessed us with so many good foods that we have a choice. Happy TT!

  2. yup. God provides many good foods and we must thankful for that. Have a great day sister!

  3. Oh the struggle to eat healty foods! The important thing? You keep trying and asking for God's help! May He strengthen you as you deal with this battle. Blessings!

  4. Praying for you as you continue to diet. Happy Thankful Thursday!

  5. Praying for you as you continue to diet sweetie.

  6. Hi Bonnie!yes, thank you very much:D

    Hi Laurie! Thank you. Happy thankful Thursday!

    Hi Denise! Thank you dear:D


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