Japanese Foods..yum!

I really love Japanese foods especially sushi. Actually I want to try sashimi but it seems no one is ready for that so I have no one accompany me to eat sashimi. lol. Right now, I am watching several movies about Japanese foods and how o eat Japanese foods. I want to try to make a sushi myself. Before making my plan into reality, I must find the perfect ingredient and tools for that which i can not find it until now. Guys, when you know where to buy it, please send me message.

All of you might know that I am good at making pasta meals (okay, here we go) but i am not good at cooking fried rice. I know that this sound ridiculous but its the truth. i can't cook fried rice, but I can make a delicious spaghetti or mac and cheese if I can tell you. So, I want to try my hand on Japanese food this time. lol.. Let's see if I have that sense.


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