I Passed!!!

I made it! I passed those wonderful examination. I got B+. Thank you Lord!

Okay, I want to say thanks to:

- Dear lord, thank you very much, You have been very kind to me. Yesterday was very amazing. I know You are all behind those magnificent event. Thank you Lord.

- My family, My mom, you are rock! my dad, I love you so much, thank you for all the effort, my brother, thank you for praying:D:D

- Special thanks for Sis June, Sis Gladys, Sis Susan, Bro Daniel, Cen Cen, Bro Yudyanto. I will not make it without you. Thank you very much!

- Mr. Sexy, Thank you for all the advices and supports, Mayang, thank you for all the support and jokes, Meliana, thank you for being so kind, Vanani, you are very sweet!!, Sis Desi, thank you for all the inputs and supports, Christian "invisibleman" and his prayer team:Terry - Anna - Ester - Chuchi - Herry - Teguh - Icrut - Andy Wu, thank you very much guys!, Eko, in Lampung thank you...!! All of my friends in Communication Departments, Paramitha Cempaka, Yohana Yessika, Ristya, Christian Balalembang, Fandy Santoso, Ellen, Hana May, Ella, Diana, Elieza, Melda, and all of you who I can't mention your name, Thank you very much!!, Mr. Djoko, you are really great! thank you very much for every guide, support and advice. Miss Grace Swestin and Mam Yuli, thank you very much! I love you!!, Sis Jessie, I know you are bored with me, wakakaka, now you are free..wakkakak..Andrew Pradaya and Sis Lenny gunawan for the help.

- My online friend who have been very supporting for me, Bro Joe Upulana, Bro PB, Sis Gaty, Bro Toni Jauhari, Sis Seli, Bro Harry "Samarcanda", Bro Agung "Solidsnake", Sis Hannah Kristina, Mr. Byotenega, Nie, Eta, Sis Shilda, Bro Daud, Sis Fonny, again and again, Bro Christian "invisibleman", Antoni "Roxy", Sis talentaku, Sis Fida, Jenny, Mrs. Mandy, Sis Pia, Andromedha and all of you who prays but I do not know, Thank you very much. God bless you all!

- Special thanks for bro Fabio, Bro Aditya, be back soon, Eddie, Dage Siang koon, Chee Seng, Richard.

- Qiao guang crew, A Yi Suk E, A yi Se Ing, Yunita, Wan Wan, Hera, Melisa, thank you very much.大家! 我很感谢. 我已经毕业. 祝我们大家成功. 加油!

- Career Center crew who always supports me anywhere anytime and always care and listen to every grumbling, cry and shouts..wakakkak, Mam Lisa Narwastu and Mr. Ronny, Mam Magda, Sis Yulan and Bro jimmy, Bro Erwin, Felix the cat, thank you very much!

- And Thank you for all of you who I can't mention your name because I am not a perfect person. I can't remember all but I am surely thankful to have you. Thank you all!!


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  1. life is like a BOOK - everyday has a new page, with adventures to tell, lessons to learn and tales on good deeds to remember.
    have a GOOD EPISODE today,...

    ok,..GBU ika,.wish u all the best ,.hmm,.." zhu ni cheng gong" anddddd traktirannya lo yaaaa,.. dont forget it,..wakakkaka

  2. Congratulations!!!

    Thanks for visiting my show and tell and leaving the kind comment. I do keep my Christmas stuff up till about late January... :0) So in that sense, I do use the things even after Christmas is over.

  3. Thank you Cen!!!

    thank you Ivory spring!!

    Have a great day!

  4. congrats ya..... good job!!!

  5. Ichaaa.... who said I get bored with youuu???? Even though it's true.. bwahahaha.. no no no.. big no! I'm never bored spending time with you coz time will fly so fast when I'm with you *bah.. romantically shit* kekekeke... Tapi aku melok lego... hihihihi... Finally....
    Once again: CONGRATZ YAKKK...
    Kudu tetep sering2 mampir puskar, apalagi bawain makanan kayak hari ini.. hihihihi..

  6. Congratz ya Ichaaaaaaaa........

  7. a warm BIG Congrats to you :-) sorry im late...but its says late is always nice than nothing... :-)
    have a nice day.

  8. Selamat yaaaa *kiss kiss*
    uhuuuyy.. partyyy!

  9. Congratulations ya Icha. Ikutan senang mendengar kabar ini.

    Sis FA in PA

  10. I am a bit late, but a very big
    You are great!


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