Five Simple Things to Keep Your Brain Healthy

Five Simple Things to Keep Your Brain Healthy
by Ika Devita Susanti

Being healthy is important for human’s brain. It is not easy, but it worth so much. There are several things we could consider to be health. These things need efforts and strong will. Without the strong motivation, we will give up to do it.

There are several things must be fulfilled to be healthy.
1. Sleep in a proper time. Do not sleep less and do not sleep too much. The point is to optimize your sleep. When we sleep, our brain is also sleep. Consistently sleeping around 7 hours per night is optimal for brain health. This will recharge its power to do the next activity for the next day. Sleeping seems simple but it is quite important for our brain. I found it difficult to concentrate when I am lack of sleeping. So, have a good sleeping.

2. Work hard, play hard. When we use our brain to work, it is really tiring and stressful right? Well, we must make it balance between working and playing. Let’s say, we work for eight hours per day. We must make it balance by use the rest of our time to play. Play means, we could spend our time with our children or we could take a walk with our family. We thankful for the nature and spend several time to enjoy it. This activity will refresh our brain and also reduce our stress.

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  1. It is important to keep healthy especially when you need all this energy to keep up the the holiday rush!
    sandy toes

  2. gampang ya

    masa cm tidur ama bermain...

    g salah tuh...

  3. hi bro! gapapa... pelan2 aja..

    yes Sandy, I definitely agree with you.

    hi Azis, coba dibaca yang jelas yah, jangan cuma komen aja. baca dari awal sampe akhir.


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