Becoming punk

I lately paint my nail into many different colors. I am not crazy, I am just trying a new style. lol. Right now, i am using blue. Hm.. blue seems weird, but when I see my nails, they are cute with blue. And they are also cool! It feels like I am turning into a punk girl. Hehe.... The other things I have done is coloring my hair into dark mahogany color. but i failed. i have done it twice but my hair seems still black. I think God give me such a beautiful black hair. Many hair color have failed coloring it. lol.

Talking about color and punk, there is a punk chat where you could have a talk with many punks around the world. Uhm.. When I think about punk, I have a punk friend and she is so cool! I like her hair style and I like her clothes. Punk is not always using a colorful clothes, for example my friend. She is good at combining color for her clothes. But sometimes, she makes it very extreme, but it still cool. She has an inner beauty which you can not guess it without knowing her. She is interesting and I like to have a good conversation with her. She is rock! Well, do you think I have become a punk?


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  1. I think for us dark-haired-women, if you want to have your hair dyed a lighter color, your hair-stylist will have to bleach the hair first before applying the desired hair dye.
    However, they say 1 of the risks of hair bleaching is the early appearance of gray hair.

    Here are a couple of links for you if you wanna know more about hair bleaching:

  2. Do you also listen to Punk Rock music? I do sometimes. And I prefer a German Band which is coming from a town close to me. Well, exactly it is the capital city of my state.


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