The Tub and Healthy Mind

Taking a shower might be a good choice for busy career woman and business man. They do not have enough time to have a rest for a while to relax their body and stay on a tub. Someone ever said that after a long day of hard work, the next best thing for you to do is to have a cool or warm soak before laying your exhausted body on bed. One of the choices is having a great time on your tub. The problem comes when we do not know exactly what tub we should use and how effective it is for our mind and body. Well, there is many kinds of bath tub. I will mention only three of them.

The first is whirlpool tubs. What is it? Hm.. I can tell you that this is good for you who loves massage. The tubs will spray water from it’s hole in the side of the tub’s wall. I like to be in it when I am really tired and my back is hurt. I will use it to massage my body and refresh it. The style is variated from the classic to the elegance. It is well made so you will be very excited to browse the tubs. You could take a look at whirlpool site and choose which one is your favorite.

The second is clawfoot bathtubs. In my opinion, this kind of tub is designed for you who loves art. You are not just put it on your bathroom, but you are also put a very good attention to its style and shape, and you will put it deliberately on the best spot on your bathroom. You will enjoy this activity and you could also show it to your friend. How great is that?
Last but not least is walk in bathtubs. Okay, this sounds unfamiliar to me. But when I see the pictures, it is all clear. So, I want to show you this.

Walk in bathtubs is very sensual and sexy. Well, that is my opinion, no offense please. Why I think that it is sexy? It is because the style and model is definitely sophisticated and futuristic. I mean, look at the shape! Once you get in, you will need a huge motivation to get out. It is simple and fit your body. You could sit inside and take a shower in a cozy small private area. How cool is that?


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  1. Hm..I only have a shower as my bathroom is small. But I do not really miss the bathtube. Even when I still was living with my parents I did not use the tube that often. Taking a shower is much faster and easier in the mornings for starting the day. A bathtube is for me something I would use when I want to relax and know I do not need to go outside anymore. Mean that after the bath I can have my pyjamas and a blanket and lay on the sofa.

  2. yes, I am absolutely agree with you. Bath tub is for relaxing and you can only do that when you have spare time. That's good though.


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