Me and Mr. Sexy (Part two)

His voice is not a bass, if I could tell you. He has a deep voice and an organize talk. From several conversations, I finally know that he is a teacher of one organization. He is smart. He loves books and library, just like me. He loves traveling, that is me too. He loves to have a discussion with others, that is so me. He loves history, so not me!

Our conversation is going deeper and deeper day by day. He calls me everyday just to ask me, “How are you today?” and greets me “Have a nice day”. Aha! Now you do it too. I started to pour my joy and pain to him. He becomes my friend. I always can count on him even though he is not here beside me. He gives his best advice for me and he care for me. He lives far away from me but I never feel it. We live in a different island but I still feel him near.

Four month ago he visited me here in my island. We spent a whole week to go to many interesting places in this island. We went to the places where I have never been there before. It was fun! But that interesting time was not last for long, he must go back to his island again. I was sad, but he has to work. I release him and wait for his next visit. Next year, we will hold our engagement party. We will be no longer apart.

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  1., NEXT YEAR!! COOL!! I wish all the best for you and mr. Sexy! (^_^)

    GBU both!

  2. I am so happy reading this post and can not wait for your special time coming soon.

    Your Sister in PA


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