Friendship: “You are just as sweet as black cocoa” (2)

2. Love: Yes, this is the second important ingredient needed for a friendship. Love covers many things. It is worked when your best friend suddenly make mistakes. We are human, we are not perfect. Sometimes our own mind claims perfections that everything will be fun. This is wrong. Friendship carries you through the beautiful places and also the worst places that you even have ever had no idea about it. Love, is the food you eat every time you take that journey. It supplies you with power and joy. Love takes you to different places by still holding your heart one another.

3. Discipline: I know that your best friend is not your child. I also know that they might be older than you. But here is what I am going to say: Discipline is needed no matter how close you are. I sometimes face the time when my best friend asked me about some idea which is totally insane. I know that she might want me to support her to do it. But that was just a very bad storm out there to make me comfortable with that decision. I did not agree with her. I know it hurt her, but it will safe her. I surely will do anything to save someone close to me. This is why discipline is needed.

Friendship is beautiful yet scary. It is beautiful because it brings you to a new adventure with many joys and sorrow. It is scary because it makes you to do even the silliest thing in your life without feeling silly. Friendship, anyway, is as sweet as black cocoa. Can’t you imagine it?

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