Without sharing names and using specific details, please share a time when gossip reared its ugly head in your life, and what was the outcome (whether you were the one who gossiped, or the gossip was about you).

When I was at junior high school, i have one friend who became an actress. I once found her swearing to another friends. I was thinking, "Wait, she is a public figure, but she does it to another persons that bad. Huh! bad public figure!"

One day, when I met my classmate in the cafeteria, that actress ( i would call her this because she is still an actress now...lol) sits near us. My friends talk about her, they say, "Look! that is ****, she is an actress.. how cool!!!". And with my stupid silly mouth i shouted, "yes, but she likes swearing, what kind of actress was that??!?!?"

The worst part is that the actress was standing behind me at that moment. O Gosh!!! That was really awfull!

From that moment I learn that no matter good and bad things we shared about others, that is still a gossip. Gossip doesn't mean that we talk bad about others, but when we talk about their life, that's also gossip.

So girls... hold your tongue:D:D


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  1. Amen, we should always keep watch on our tongue. It can be a very hurtful weapon.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing... You learned a good lesson that day, as I have learned many in a similar way...

  3. Thanks for stopping by with birthday wishes :-)

    Ohhhh, good topic! I recently had a high schooler from our church ask to be my friend on Facebook. After accepting her, I went to read her page and was shocked by the language found there! It made me sad to think of what her Christian testimony looks like to unbelievers....

    Tammy ~@~
    Garden Glimpses

  4. It's a common problem and the language is not considered shocking where I live because it is so often heard.

  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing that situation. Our lives are ALWAYS out there as a testimony to EVERYONE! Great lesson!
    God Bless you!


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