My Best Friend and Me

My close friends asked me for a relationship advice for her and her husband. They had been married for one years and about to have a baby. She asked me how to bravely face the problem and overcome it. She is really curious and afraid of it. Actually I have not married yet, but I read several books of marriage, human relationship and anything on sex advice column. I read books about how to build a good relationship and how to become a godly woman for your spouse and i also read about how to maintain a good quality relationship. I want to do it well when I get married. So, i always try to give the best advice for her.

We have been together for eleven years now and we are really happy. She is the one who is also encourage me to find a good guy to be my boyfriend. She teach me how to behave well in front of a man and act gracefully. Until now, i am more girly than her. But she is good. She has everything every man’s want. She is tall and beautiful and she is smart. Now i do not have to search for another hot guy in this world since I have one Mr. Sexy, that is enough.


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