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This morning, I visited U.Lee's blog and found mine there. Here it is.

The number 5 person: (Born on 5th, 14th, and 23rd of any month.)
The number 5 stands in symbolism for the planet Mercury.
Number 5 people make friends easily and get on with persons born under almost any other number, but their best friends are those who are born under their own number, i.e. 5th, 14th, and 23rd.

Number 5 people are mentally very highly strung. They live on their nerves and appear to crave excitement.
They are quick in thought and decisions, and impulsive in their actions. They detest any plodding kind of work and seem naturally to drift into all methods of making money quickly.
They have a keen sense of making money by inventions and new ideas.
They are born speculators, prone to Stock Exchange transactions, and generally are willing and ready to run risks in all they undertake.

They have the most wonderful elasticity of character. They rebound quickly from the heaviest blow; nothing seems to affect them for very long; like their symbol, quicksilver, which Mercury represents, the blows of Fate leave no indentations on their character.
If they are by nature good they remain so; if bad, not all the preaching in the world will make the slightest effect on them.

Number 5 people can make friends with people born under all kinds of numbers.
Their lucky stones is the diamond and all glittering or shimmering things, also ornaments made of platinum or silver, and wearing it.

Number 5 people, health wise:
They have a tendency to overstrain of the nervous system.
They are inclined to attempt too much mentally, to live too much on their nerves.

They are likely to bring on such things as twitching in the face, eyes and hands and are more prone to nervous prostration, insomnia. Sleep, rest and quietude are the best medicines they can employ.
Their greatest drawback is that they exhaust their nervous strength to such an extent that they often fall victims to nervous breakdowns of the worst kind, and under any mental tension they easily become irritable and quick-tempered, unable to suffer fools easily.

Gemini: May 22nd- Jun 21st.

Gemini have dual personalities that make them appear contradictory.
They are witty, charming, sociable, and can talk with ease and persuasion.
Although compassionate and affectionate, they are sentimental.

What's yours?


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  1. Hi Devita, wow! You're a no.5? One of the best numbers....somehow it's true re these numbers making friends easily.
    I have used these numbers to match most of my ahemm, ex-girlfriends, my wife as well friends I know and surprisingly, fairly accurate...

    I am an '8', Birthdate 26th.
    Fortunately mine was for the better....as I achieved my ambitions. As '8' people either go very high or drop to sub-basement in live.

    Thank you for the kind compliments, Devita, you keep well and best regards...Lee.
    ps, don't overwork yourself, ha ha.

  2. wah gambarnya fantastic :D

  3. hahaha..... yes U.Lee.. some of them are right but some of them umm... i don't think so:D:D But it's quite fun though..

    Iya bro oni, gambarnya memang fantastis:D:D


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