Is Relationship Healthy? (part 2)

Relationship is a simple word with a great power. Human needs relationship to keep them alive. Alive here is not about having a spirit to live, but alive in the meaning of “on”. You know, like the lamp, you must push the “on” button to make it works. It is like you. When you have relationship, no matter how bad it is, you are still connected to the electricity, this makes you “on”. When you are not connected to anything, there is no electricity in your life, you become “off”

My friend said that we need to share with others to be healthy. When we have joy, we share it to others to make them happy too and make ourselves relieve because we share happiness. When we have sorrow, we share it too. It will reduce our burden and release the pain. Keeping the pain in our heart and not sharing it to others will affect our health.

Human can not stop talking, no matter what the topic is. Whether it is about him or others, they will talk. Can you imagine if each of us talks with ourselves all day long? We all could be out of our mind. It is not good to be alone. We need someone else in life. No matter for good or bad, we need them to accompany us. This is why relationship is important and healthy for us.


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  1. ohh...i see

    so, which one is healtiest? with man or woman?

  2. SETUJU...kita mahluk sosial ya harus selalu berhubungan dengan orglain, (termasuk ngeblog itu gunanya utk berinteraksi yah? hehehee) kecuali klo tersesat di pulau terpencil dan sendirian pula, itu siy lain lagi ceritanya.

    Having a relationship is healthy, but is the relationship itself is healthy, maybe that is the REAL question?

    You can build a relationship with someone, but if that relationship is not good for you, don't stay there, or work on that relationship to make it better, if it's hopeless don't hangin there just for the sake of having one.

    That's my 2cents (^_-)

    Off topik ga siy?? Hehehe...


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