Dogs and cats

Dogs is human best friends. No matter what happen, whether there are many cases that dog attacks human or vice versa, dog still humans best friend. I use to have a male dog and he was really naughty.

He loves to play and disturb all the family member with his bark and its movement. He sometimes shocked the postman with his greetings and he runaway when someone was trying to hit him. No matter what the trouble he made, he is the first one who will fight against my enemy.

I do not know how it is working but he seems like have a connected emotions with me. When I feel sad, he could feel it. I could have a talk with him and asked him to do this and that. He was very kind when it comes to encouragement. When i was crying, he will sit besides me and lick my hand and sniff on it. I could feel it that he wanted to say “I love you, stop crying”.

He was so nice. I played Frisbee with him and we enjoyed our time together. He is now adopted by another person since my father can not afford his activity. He is so active and he needs more attention. Well, I was busy and my family too, so we gave him to another kind person who could spend their time to take care of him.

Then I adopt a cat. I do not know why i adopted it. The cat was calm, but i could not have a talk with it. When I say something, she kept silence and stay there without making any movement. When I asked her to do this and that, she seems do not understand it. When I cried and sit in the corner, she did not do anything and keep playing with her toy. I have tried to train her to do something like stay an sit but it was not working.

So i gave it up and let her be. I never force her to learn something since I really hate it when others try to do it to me. In fact, she is more disturbing than my dog because she destroy the other pets. She mix my father's aquarium so cleverly that the fishes are scattered everywhere. My father finally angry and asked me to let it go. Since I do not have any emotions connected to it. I just let it go.

This is why I would rather choose to have a dog that to have a cat. For me, dog is loyal while cat is not. Dog will stand beside us while the cat is running for the mouse. Dog will entertain you when they are running here and there to catch the ball while cats are making you crazy with the mouse and bird hunting. For your information, I have a lot of birds here and you know what happened with them if the cat is still here.


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