Does violence in video games contribute to real life violence?

Violence in Video Games is really contributes to real life. Who is the player of the video game actually? Children? Teenagers? Or adults? Well no matter who they are they could be infused by the game. There is no gap between television program and video game. They provide both three dimension picture and movement. Deep in their mind, they are learning about violence whether you believe it or not. When they are very addicted to it, that’s the time we must realize that they are hypnotize by it.

Children, as a growing up personal, they are in a process of finding their identity. Spending their time to play video game could wash their mind and create a bad picture about life. They will think that the violence will not cause any harm just like what happen in the game. They have a wrong conclusion in this part and they do it to their friend just like what they did on the video game.

They assume it as a game to play and they have no idea what harm means. At the video game, the player has much life to spend. If they died, they could awake again and fight again just like there is nothing happen with their life. But in the real world, this thing is not happen. The fact is there are many criminal happen because the children adopt this skill from video game. They watch, they learn, they do. This is the fact. They are like a white sheet which is waiting for a scratch of a pen.

Teenagers, they are in a phase of proving their selves to others. Their ego is under construction and their emotions are upside down. They are still learning how to control themselves and how to keep up with others. Just playing video games might not be harmful for them, but when the problem appears, they will find the act at the video games as a way out for their problem. This is complicated but we are all aware about this.

Same as children and teenager, adult are sometimes fall into their negative mind. I know there are not much adults playing video game just like what the children and teenager do, but they are exist. The question is why there is an adult there playing a video game while actually they have so many things to do? These are especially when they play that violence game with their children and have a fight there at the game. What a shame! They who play it must have nothing to do outside there. And you could imagine what the “nothing-to-do” man could do when they are out?


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  1. Fortunately I was never confronted with this problem it didn't exist when my son was a child. But anyway I think it IS bad for children !

  2. Okay this has nothing to do with this post, though I do agree with it. I wanted to say, You've never had turkey in your whole life lol? I read your comment and was like wow. But then again I've never had lamb and people probably think that's weird huh lol. I just had to come say hi and wish you a happy day!

  3. Garbage in is garbage out...what a child spends the majority of their time doing is what is going to influence them most. Nowadays unfortunetly the media and society is so immoral that everywhere you look if you don't look hard enough a child will find a role model or an activity that seems harmless at first and on the surface but once sucked in...can be life changing.
    I have two boys. I try to regulate what they watch on tv. Obviously they are 3 and 1 so the world hasn't had too much of an influence on them BUT there are kids - little kids - cartoons out there that are teaching our kids bad words.
    I am a firm believer in being not afraid to be involved in my kids lives and not afraid to say NO. Once they are older they can make their own choices but until then I am praying and working towards teaching them what is right and moral and godly so that when they are presented a choice that is "grey" they can rely on their upbriging and their knowledge.
    Sorry this is long. I get upset at the media and those to blame outside influences on how their child acts!

  4. pembahasannya dalem banget :D

  5. Video games, movies, news and even music play a great part in influencing a child's tolerance to violence.
    We can only try our best to shield the young ones from all that and let God do the rest.

  6. Excellent post! I'm so glad to see you posting this.

  7. Hi Devita, I personally don't think video games really influence kids or boys or time growing up, no TV, computers unheard of....and yet there was violence and crime....
    I guess it depends who their friends are....but most important, its the parents, their love and caring and encouragment, examples will bring a boy or girl to be proud off.

    You have a nice day, Lee.

  8. cha ada tuh kemaren di Nanny 911, anakke brutal abis, gara2 suka maen pidio gem


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