Lamps and Light

Have you ever been in trouble with your lamps? Well, i have. My house has about more than 10 lamps and it always on at night. Not all actually, but almost all is on. Several of them sometimes make me mad because it does not cover the room. You know, when you have a small lamp and your room need bigger light, your lamps could not afford it. I have no floor lamps, so I sometimes choose only several lamps which i think is good, even though it is quite far away from my position.

When i type on my computer, i choose the ceiling lamp, because i have no table lamps. It is good to have a table lamp at your room. Actually I want one desk lamp which i could use in my bedroom, at my desk of course. If i have it, i can read at night without disturbing my family. Why? Because when the lamp in my bedroom is on, the birds start singing. That is one of the risk if you have pets at home. If i use the desk lamp, the bird will not recognize it.

Lamps have its own function and style. Table lamps are good to be put at the table, in the corner of the room or besides your comfortable sofa. You would rather choose desk lamp for your desk. If you have children and they like to study at their desk, it will help a lot. Lamp is important to light the darkness, so you must choose the proper lamp for your home. One tips from me, do not forget to consider the amount of electricity it will take.


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  1. Kalo lampu petromak masuk itungan ga? Kan enak tu ga perlu pake listrik :D hihihi

  2. hohohoho gitu dapat pasti udah 500an ribu nih :D

  3. wakkakakkak..... wah itu mah ditaruh di teras ajah..wakakkakk ato di gudang?? :D:D

    Hi bro! hehehe...


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