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My Brother and Me
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Getting bored with an ordinary sport is not a problem anymore if we know the exciting way to alternate it. Doing sport with instrument sometimes can motivate and support us better than not using it at all. Basketball is one of many sports that use instrument. We play it by a ball, specifically, basketball. Playing basketball is exciting and useful, because it indirectly gives many benefits for us. It can improve our sportiness, builds up our body and trains us to concentrate.

Playing basketball is a good and an exciting way to improve our sportiness. While we are playing, we are also controlling our emotion. Our effort to dribble the ball, throw the ball to the net and not do foul to the enemy might be failed, but we have to receive it and try again with a sportive way. We are expected to play clean and professional. When we won the game, we might be happy. But, if we lost, we also had to receive it as well as if we won. The first playing might be hard, but the progress could make us better and better again. Finally, we will be sportive automatically because we are usually doing that in our everyday exercise.

Besides improving our sportiness, basketball also can build up our body. It can strengthen our muscle, shape our body and make us taller. When we dribble the ball and shoot it to the net, our muscle work hard to fulfill what we want. From the arm till the leg, our muscle all work. It can make the muscle strong and tight. When our muscle tight, all of our body will tight too. We can get a good body shape. Our activity to jump and shoot the ball is making our body taller. It is the same as when we are jumping to make us taller, but it uses an exciting way, by playing basketball.

Basketball is a fun sport with many benefits. It can train us to concentrate. We play it in two teams. There will be our team and enemy team. We coordinate with our team, but not with enemy team. So, we should pay attention carefully when we want to pass the ball. We have to keep our eyes open to see where our partner is so that we do not lose the ball by giving it to our enemy. While we are playing we also have to concentrate to the ball. Concentrate to dribble and keep watch our partner is quite difficult, but if we continuously practicing, we will be able to concentrate in two different activity. Besides, we also can refresh our mind with this fun activity.

After seeing many facts of basketball activity that only causes thirsty and tired but gives us many benefits and knowing that this sport can make us more healthy and give us fun experience, we would better try it and feel the benefits ourselves, so we can prove that Basketball is really exciting and useful for our life and our body. It can refresh our mind and give many benefits in concentrate, body shaping and personal quality. In a long term, it will keep us healthy if we do it continuously at the constant time.

My brother is good at basketball. He trains college student ad sometimes a junior and senior high school student. Well, I know i can not compete with him..lol..


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