GPS Tracking, Is It Necessary?

I lately watch the reality show on television about a couple who want to know her/ his partner doing by tracking him/ her whenever he/ she go. That is really annoying! Can you imagine it? You even do not have your own privacy. And the shocking thing is the tracked victim is the one which get the negative effect of this.

Do you know about GPS tracking technology? When you use that, you will be tracked
Anywhere and everywhere you go. I heard the news that the company will use this kind of methods to track their employees. Oh please, they are not a robot. They are human, who has right and liberation to live and do what they want to do, as long as it is not bothering the company.

If I were them, I will not use it, because me, myself do not like it when others did it to me. Except if I have something wrong in my mind and I could go wherever I want without I realize it, in other words, if I am crazy or something. If I am insane, they could do that to track me; it is for my safety right? How about my boyfriend? Oh no, I will not do it to Mr. Sexy, he will be mad at me. He certainly will ask me whether I want to be treated like that or not; and if I do not want it to be, why I do it to him. It is a kind of boomerang question for me.

Actually that will be good to use it on my hamsters. You know, they are so small that I couldn’t find them sometimes. If I use this, my hamster could go wherever and whenever they want and I still can find them. I will use a brick house locator with distance alert. It will be effective for my hamsters. I will still have my own time while they also have their own exciting time, running here and there.


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  1. jadi teringat saat pertama ngereview ini saatg awal ikut review 7 bulan lalu :D

  2. hiiiiii... jangan sampe deh kantor nge-track gw kayak gitu. Tapi nggak perlu khawatir jg sih, secara GPS itu di Indo masih mahal, so.. kayaknya banyak kantor indo yg berpikir 1000x untuk pakai metode itu hehe :P
    Salam kenal :)

  3. wakakakka ternyata ini udah lama ya bro?

    Hi cicitcuit, salam kenal. iya nih, i juga gamau kalo sampe di track gitu. kalo hamster sih gapapa....hehehe


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