A Trip to Malang (2) ::: Scenery Day

Welcome to the second episode of my trip :D. These are the pictures i love from my trip to Malang, Indonesia. I try to explain each picture, about what i got from it and why i love it. i hope you could enjoy it. All the pictures was taken by my Sony Ericsson K770i.

1. The spirit of Independence.

This session took many times. Considering that it is hot and there are so many bamboos in front of me, i was trying to frame the spirits from the villagers which are really optimistic about this country. The sun represents a new hope. A hope that inspires all the citizen to be better. Everyday, our nature gives a new hope for us and it supports us to go forward to get the better life.


#Warning!! these pictures are taken while my brother drove me from my second home to Wendit. I took it from the moving motorcycle while it was driven 60 miles per hour. I call this a "click away picture" because i could only took one time while the motorcycle keep running and i really could not stop the motorcycle to retake the picture. That is why I love these pictures very much.#

2. On Fire
On Fire? why i give this picture titled On Fire? it is because the sun shone very brightly when the field are waiting to be proceeded. I am really sure, with a good treatment, the soil will grew many good plants which are also good for us.

3. Peace on Earth
I love this picture because when i see it, i feel peaceful in my heart. The sunshine was very beautiful! The mountains look great! The coconut tree is really awesome! I took it when i was going home back to my hometown. Just one shoot and could not be repeated. That is why i really love this picture.

4. Good Morning

Well, actually it was not morning at all. it was 03.00 PM when i took this picture. But the field was really beautiful and the temperature was not too hot, so this picture looks very fresh. As fresh as the morning sun.

5. Greetings from Heaven

All of you should have guessed why i named this as "Greetings from heaven". It is because there is a light behind the cloud which shines above the land. The land lies for miles and the shine still could reach it. It is like heaven greets us "Good morning". Nice picture i guess.

So that's all my second final session of picture's trip. i hope all of you could enjoy it. The next trip would be near you. :D

See you guys..


Ika Devita

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  1. koq pas jed ke malang gak liat yang genean ya? hhehehe

  2. yang good morning indah banget chaaa

  3. hula hula...
    mau es krim hula2 ?
    atau malah bokap nya yang punya pabrik es hula2 ?

  4. ada yang sedang trip nih ceritanya :D

  5. poto wenditnya mana?

  6. wuaaah bagus2 nih fotonyaa.. :) oleh2 yang laen mana? :)

  7. cool....
    hpku jug sony ericcson.. tp kok kadang bagus kadang burem ya...

  8. Hi Jed! kamu ga kerumah icha sih..wakkakak

    Hi Tha!! ohya ? :D asik loh ngambilnya, ayo kapan2 ke sana bareng.. (padahal kita jauh banget yah)wakakkak

    Hi henry! mana es krimnya????

    Hi Bro Tony.. iya nih..wakkakakka mau ikutan??

    Hi Yainal! ini khusus foto pemandangan luas hehe.. :D

    Hi Fun! tunggu aja ya :D

    Hi Daniel! iya musti latian supaya bisa bagus:D atau ambil aja foto yang paling ga burem :D

    thank you all!

  9. Blognya Menarik. akan saya tunggu updates berikutnya.
    Salam kenal.



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