Happy Birthday to *Paint Your Life*

Yup! you are all exactly right. Today is my blog's birthday. it has been one year i am here and make friends with all of you guys!! Gosh! it's like yesterday, the first time i was writing for this blog.

So since this is My Blog's Birthday, i want to bring you across the one years and read several postings which gave me pleasures and lessons.

* Mom's Anger (a poem made by me)

* Love our environment (a writing about environment)

* I’m Gonna Sing It ( my first singing performance)

* Thank You Again ( Birthday regards)

* My Birthday and Qiao Guang Show (birthday happiness)

* Fake Glasses (pictures of me and my bestfriend)

* It is sooo.. beautiful! (I won the competition)

* My Beautiful Memory (The writing which won the competition)

* Two Crazy Girls (pictures of me and my bestfriend)

* Tortured Totoro and Two Retarded Girls (pictures of me and my bestfriend)

* He Made Me a Poem (me and Mr. Sexy)

* The Documentation of 23rd at Goota, Mall Galaxy (I celebrate my birthday with my bestfriend)

* Thank You Lord! (I won the competition)

* XO Suki, Sutos, May 28th, 2008 (picture of me and my bestfriend)

* My Birthday (The blessings)

* Predictable Unpredictable Surprize (me and Mr. Sexy)

* Qiao Guang's trip. April, 20th, 2008. Batu, Malang. Indonesia. (My dance activity)

* Qiao Guang, My Second Family (My dance activity)

* When profession no longer in action (i'm talking about my wonderful daddy)

* Several Jember Tour Picture (My dance activity)

* Menopause, What is that? (Information i learned)

* Surprisingly Friday...part one ( My first Tap dance)

* Love Is In The Air (Valentine's day)

* Berkat dari Surga (Indonesian Language), about me and my brother

* A Letter For My Mom (Indonesian Language) about me and my mom

* Waktu terus berputar (Indonesian Language) about time

wakakkakakkak.... lots of fun!!

hope you do not get bored :D:D

I would like to thanks to all of my blogger friends especally for those who always support me and give me comment for my posts. I would like to say, thank you very much for all that you have done to me.

Have a wonderful day!


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  1. Happy birthday Icha's blog :-)

  2. hepi b'dei buat blognya icha...
    tambah keren yak


  3. Happy Birthday...to your blog...sayang blog jed gak tahu kapan ultahnya hehhehe...

  4. Hi Jenny! thank you very much sister :D

    Hi Thaaa!!!! tengkiuuu beib :D

    Hi Jed! wakakaka ya today toh. thanks yah.

  5. Kurang... kalau nggak traktir makan !!! ni yao qing wo chifan... ok2 ? ^.^

  6. wakakkaka.... hao. tapi kalo udah punya duit yah.. hao bu hao? wakakkaa

  7. hepi bday yaak... kalo blognya ultah, makan2 ga? :)

  8. happy birthday too..aduh telat 1 hari gak papa kan sis?? :)

  9. Happy B-day ya, jangan lupa kuenya dikirim ke USA, he, he,.....

  10. happy birthday PaintYourLife...
    sori telat nih... sabtu minggu diriku ga bisa onlen..

  11. Hi Tony! gapapa kok :D

    hi sis Fida!! wakakkaka... iya, nanti cari sponsor dulu..waakkka

    Hi Seli! gapapa kok :D

    makasih ya semua !!

    thank you all!

  12. Ayo makan-makan lagi *muka tebel*

  13. Wahh...selamat2..

    dikasi hadiah apa yah buat Blognya??

  14. Met ulang taon yah blognya Icha :)

    Smoga tambah keren & penuh nuansa warna.. cieeehhh..


  15. met ultah ya... ga jauh beda ma blog ku donk ya... hihihi... beda bbrp bulan...

  16. Hi my friend! Happy birthday/anniversary to your blog!!! Continue to blog!!! Keep it up!!!

  17. Happy Blogversary...!


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