Holiday in a rush

I know it's been so long since the last time i posted the last news. I am very busy a whole week so i can't do blogging, but i really miss you all.

This is 60 seconds news about me. :p

- I am curious about my thesis and really hate to see the file, but i must do it.... so i try to find some clues to motivate me. one of my friends (Melissa 2003) told me to have a vacation. so i took a whole week to refresh my mind.

- Mr Sexy had time and chance to accompany me, so we spent last week together.

- I must finish writing for Career Center's Booklet, so i think, i still have many things to do.

- I must help Miss Silvi to accomplish her dancing arts final exam, so that would mean i will have more exercises.
- I must reduce 6 kilos..hyaaa....

- I watched Kungfu Panda last Monday, it was so cool! i love the lesson from the movie. pssttt i love to compare panda's stomach and Mr. Sexy's, they are almost the same..wakakakk.. ups!

- There will be a show (Qiao Guang) by the end of this month so i must do the exercise dancing every Wednesday and Friday.

- My hamsters are still cute.. these are their picture:

umm.. i am bored.. somebody..please play with me...

haiyaa... what are you doing??!?!? i'm having my lunch. Go away!

uuu... i'm sleepy.. ouw... what is that? is that a camera?

hei... come here..look at me.. Am I gorgeous?

hoitt...!! who are you? wanna enter my room? say the password!

- I also went to House of Sampoerna and it is so cool! Until now, i am still stunned !

- I went out of town and eat sunday ice Cream at Taman Dayu's KFC. The view was so beautiful. Mr. Sexy took this picture for me:

Well... i guess 60 minutes has gone. Now it's time to work..

see you around guys...

hugs and kissess,


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