Introducing I Read, I Watch and I Write

Hi everybody, since i make up my mind about blogging, now I'm upgrading my blog into several link. Here they are:

1. I Read : this is a blog about my book review (written in English)

2. I Watch : This is a blog about my movie review (written in Indonesia)

3. I Write : This is a blog about my mind. I learn something, i watch something, i hear something, i think about something then i write it here. It is a fiction and non fiction writing. (written in Indonesia).

So, hope you will have fun and enjoy the other blogs.

Ouw, i wrote my first writing at I Write. Check it out here.

And if you are curious about Cross-Written there, above this blog. I also write something there (in Indonesia), to see my writing at Cross Written, click here.

Have fun and enjoy! Thank you all.

Have a great day!



PS: I still use this blog, so don't worry.

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  1. I am glad you really enjoyed reading my articles recently and left a comment in every article. Thank you so much!

    Your writings are great. Register to and participate in HOKI Online Literally Award 2008

    I will wait you there!!!

  2. Hi Sis Fida! I like your writing, it is explicit and pure.

    What is HOKI Online Literally Award 2008?

    Ok. I'll check it up.
    thank you sis:D

    have a great day!

  3. jiwa seninya tinggi ya, blognya dipisah-pisahin untuk masing2 tujuan :)
    tapi adsense dipasang cara gitu apa gak melanggar TOS???

  4. selamat ya atas launchingnya...semoga keurus semua blognya

  5. makasih Tony :p
    TOS apaan?

    makasih Jed. aminnn


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