Don’t You Realize?

Don’t You Realize?
By Ika Devita

Don’t you realize?
When we were passing by
Nice times together?
When you and I
Were spending our whole time
Together with indivisible?
When you and I
Were angry together
Just because a litle matter?

Don’t you realize?
That we are happy together
With our violent adventures?
With our joyous occasion
When we cracked a joke?
With our troubled time
When we face our problem?

Don’t you realize?
All that memories telling us?
Still we have a future
A future that timeless
For both of us?

I never feel penient
With all of that
Cause that things
Had led us to grow up
Just one wish from me
I hope that you would feel it too

Surabaya, October, 12th, 2001

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  1. wei ternyata gak kalah bagusnya nih puisi sama mr sexy punya :) buatin satu dong hehehe

  2. wakakakakk.. bayar! (


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