Vouchers and Ice Creams

Vouchers from Kompas
Vouchers from Surya

Today, some of Giant’s visitors buy many Kompas and Surya newspaper. Why? Because they offer six vouchers for certain stuffs to the buyers. One of them is me..wakakka.....
The vouchers can be seen at the picture below.
PS: I had used the “Phillip Essential” Voucher and “Free fried rice” voucher.

So, if you want to get this voucher and use it, buy it now! Because it only available today. You can’t use it tomorrow. Grab it fast!!

I ate it several weeks ago and likes it, but what i love the most is the cones.

Have you ever eaten Mini Cornetto?
Well, let me tell you. It is small... -I bet you know it already- and sweet –you certainly know it-, but when you eat it, you will not blown up because of the sweetness. It because the MINI cornetto is just a small piece of ice cream. They are packed at the proper portion so the consumer would not be bored by the sweetness. You could eat one piece a day or two. But the excited thing is.. you will ask it for more, especially the cones. My favourite part of the ice cream is the cone. May be it is because i like crunchy things. I do not know. Well, it is available in two flavour at each box. I ate chocolate-vanilla flavour. I like it and i think you will like it to, except all of you who hates ice cream. Wait.... who hates ice cream?

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  1. Hello Icha,

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  2. ouw.. :D iya :D.. thank you for the information ya :D

    have a wonderful day!


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