Fun Hectic Exhausting day

Yesterday was a very exciting yet tiring day. I woke up at 6 and quickly prepared myself to go to my morning class. I slept at 1 a.m, so I only slept about 5 hour and it was not enough for me. I joined my last kolokium class and planned for visiting the library after the class is over.

Then I went to the library. In the middle of my reading, A yi Se Ing called me and told me that we would have a sudden show that night. I was very shocked. Well, we haven't rehearsed dancing since two weeks ago and we've spent our week doing study and having a trip out of town. I wonder how we could arrange the formation of our dancing.

It was a Malaysian and -I don't know- people from Zhong Guo visitation. Wang Lao Shi -our virtual manager- wanted us to greet them. Since there was no other option, we ( Melisa, Meliana, Wan-Wan, Hera, Yulita-newbie-, Yunita, Eka, Tirto, Wawang, Giok (Eka's friend) , Yunis (Eka's friend) and me) managed our time to Tristar International Restaurant.

I had not had much time so I finished my reading and went home quickly.

I only had one hour to call the crew and prepare myself. So I use it properly..umm... not really.. because I checked my email about 15 minutes :D. When I took a shower, Hera arrived at my house. I ignored her about 15 minutes (sorry Hera) to prepare my stuff. Soon after that, Yulita came and I was ready to go. Shu Shu .... ( I don't know his name) picked us up and we went to hui suo to meet A yi Se Ing, A yi Me Me and Eka.

****looking at the clock***

Hyaa..!! Okay, I have to wrap this story because I must finish my paper ASAP!.

So we had a show yesterday and suddenly then we made a visit of condolence to Adiyasa. I went home at eleven and I couldn't help myself to open my eyes. So I slept at 00.... (I forgot) and I woke up at 9 this morning to go to the library again.

And now I'm stuck here with my paper.....

I'll see you later.

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  1. gabung dance group mana nih...:) ?

  2. yayasan yang namanya Qiao guang Xiao You. tariannya kebanyakan tarian klasik, atau mancanegara, tapi dalam negeri juga ada :D. Miss Joanne mo ikutan?? :D ;D


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