Sudden accident

It was 10.30 p.m. I suddenly woke up from my dream when my phone rang. It was my brother. He called me to ask for a favor, preparing a glass of water and a pair of clothes. His friend had just got an accident and he would sleep at our house.

I was shocked and went to my mom's room quickly. I prepared a pair of clothes and a glass of warm water for him, then i waited for them to come. thirty minutes was passing by but yet they hadn't come.

Then they came. One of them looked so pale that i realize he was the one who got the accident. His name is Yanuar. I helped him with his pain. wakakkak... Since he forbid me to tell you all about this accident thing, i want to stop talking. wakakaka....... It's okay Yanuar, no one would recognize you...

Okay..okay... I'll go to bed.


Okay, it's time to bed!

bye all!!

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  1. so... that was just a fake? hahahahaha...

  2. no acel. it was real. he was really got an accident yesterday. :D

  3. paling males kalau enak tlp ada telpon masuk dan buat aku itu ganggu banget! Apalagi kalau sudah mimpi yang aduhai...

  4. wah eve, mimpi aduhai yang gimana nih maksutnya?..wakakakkaka


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