Lately, I like to hear songs from Sisca, titled “Bila Tuhan Mengujimu”. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I think that my life now is full of temptation. Well you see, I have problems accomplishing my thesis, I have problems with my body cycle, and I also have problems with my family. It’s not like fighting or arguing, but it’s more like family’s problem. You know, family problem include parents and children. And I’m one of the children. And now I’m a little bit stressed out.

My parents somehow dissagree with my relationship. Again. My relationship is 1,4 years old now, and we’re both passed it with many problems. But we always solve it immediately and get back to normal. Now, I’m just confused, which one should I choose, my idealism or my parents undemocratic decision. Usually my parents leave all the decision to me and I like that kind of democracy. But now, I hate it. Well, that’s because I have to choose between him and another guy whom I never meet (and I just don’t know whether I will meet him or not). Should I go to fortune teller? I don’t think so.

Well, forget about it, I don’t want to bother all of you. I just want to pour a little of my burden so I don’t hold it myself. I just want to focus on my thesis right now. Right after I finish my thesis then I’ll think about it again. Besides, I have many activities to do at career center. I distract me a little, even though I know when I get back to my home, I’ll face reality.

For all of you, whom curious about the song from Sisca, here I give you the lyrics.

Bila Tuhan mengujimu

Terkadang di dalam hidupmu
Pencobaan berat menimpa
Menghancurkan hidupmu
Meremukkan hatimu
Namun ingatlah

Dia Tuhan tak akan pernah memberi pencobaan...
Dan ujian melebihi kekuatan yang kau punya
Hendaklah bersyukur Dia melakukan semua karna cinta
Supaya kau beroleh hikmat dan jadi
Sempurna spertiNya

Pabila Tuhan mengujimu
Itu karena Dia menyayangimu
Laksana serang Bapa yang mendidik anakNya karna cintaNya

Simple, but helped a lot.....

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  1. hi Ika, kebeneran lagunya siska ini yang bikin adik iparku, Yudi Hastono. Puji Tuhan kalo lagu ini bisa jadi berkat buat ika:)
    Salam kenal ya

  2. wow.. benarkah?? lalu apakah ini siska yang nyanyi itu???????? wow!!
    makasih ya :D:D

  3. he he he he, kebeneran bukan aku ka yang nyanyi, kebeneran juga namanya sama sama siska valentina yang nyanyi lagu itu:) cuman aku kenal baik sama siska yang nyanyi lagu ini:)
    album ke 2 nya siska udah keluar juga lho ka, halah jadi promosi nih:)
    Pokoknya salam kenal ya and God always bless you:)

  4. wakakakak... kirain.. makasih ya

    GBU :D


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