Gardening is Mom's Best Friend

Hello friends!! It’s been couple of weeks since my last post. I’ve been busy with my job and other things - as usual.  The weather here is not so nice.  Sometimes it’s hot and sometimes it’s cold. Thankfully, my family and I still have good days and continue to enjoy good health.

Some of you might have known that my canopy has been broken since the last storm that hit our village. We still haven't had a chance to replace it with the new one since the weather hasn’t improved yet.  But my mom’s hobby can’t wait!   She loves cooking and gardening.  As we often hear the phrase “Like mother like daughter”, I too love cooking and gardening just like she does.  But the problem is, when some things happen that are out of our control, for example the bad weather, I stopped.

Things are different with my mom.  She keeps on maintaining her small garden on the terrace under her canopy, even with the unstable weather. But, eager to help my mom, I read books about gardening and browse around too.  Hopefully we could manage it well soon.

Well, I guess that’s a short update from me. I have another meeting to go to.  So, until we meet again. Keep the joy!!




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