Wishlist 2012

Okay, I will not talk much about it. Resolutions are always made each year but not even 75% fulfilled. So I will change the word "resolutions" to "wishlist" and I am going to share my wishlist for this New Year:

1. Maintain my online store well and become a wise owner
I has just opened it last Tuesday and I need to learn a lot. It's more difficult than I think. Whew...

2. Maintain my family relationship well and become a good daughter
This include having a quality time, providing what they need as long as I can afford it. Just be as good as I can be.

3. Maintain my relationship with Mr. Bie well so we can get married this year.
I will try to understand him more because he has been so supportive to me and I love him

4. Maintain my life well so that I can be a person with responsibility.

I was very lousy last year and I want things changed

5. Do the best on my job now (I am still working) and learn to obey the rules - even when it sounds so weird.
I actually love my job but sometimes I meet difficult people and ideas which really make me tired. This year could be my new sheet of life so I want to see everything in different way.

6. More Baking and cooking
I have been trapped for years with the feeling that I am useless. This happened until I found out that I am special and I can do this even people close to me say that I couldn't. Lots of prayers needed.

7. Learning to stitch.
I know I do cross-stitching but what I mean here is the real stitching. I want to make my own patchwork and quilting etc. It's kinda weird for you to read this but it's true. I change. My hobby change. I still love book. I still love dancing. I still love traveling. But this time, baking, stitching and cooking seem more interesting than those. And who knows that I can sell my masterpiece too in my store.

8. This is the most important thing, I want to recover my relationship with GOD.
I know I disappointed Him last year. I was clueless, always. This year, I don't want to be soft. I want to struggle. I want to reach the goals. I want to read the bible in a year. I want to grow up in Him. Will you pray for me?

9. Last but not least, I want to keep blogging and writing.
Blogging has helped me so much with information, tips, encouragements and else and I want to help people too. So this is one of the ways to share the blesses and gifts to other.

So those are my wishlist. I hope that you are not bored with those. I want to be a better man. I hope you do too. Now that I have shared to you my wishlist, What's yours? Will you share it? Leave comments and I will read yours, if you don't mind.

Best regards,

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  1. I think this is a great list, will be praying for you.

  2. Beautiful list. Praying for you! Read On with him. I loved your plan to read with your Mr. Go girl!

  3. Well, as you know I have already blogged mine for 2012. But hey, today I have remembered that I forgot one to name I still want to learn to eat with chopsticks.

  4. What an honest and wonderful list! I can relate to having to deal with difficult people and ideas that make you tired. I have experienced seasons in my life like that as well. And give yourself grace for the struggles you had last year (you mentioned disappointing God) for we all disappoint and that is why His righteousness covers us always! I'm so glad you visited and let me know about your post today! God bless you as you pursue your items on your wishlist!


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